Why Trade Alone?

Let’s be honest. Every SINGLE trader wants to maximise time!

You’ve probably thought to yourself that since 90% of traders don’t make it, the guys who post relentlessly on your trading forum or are amazingly effective when it comes to criticizing every other retail trader on social media are mostly unprofitable.

      So who do you listen to when it comes to taking FOREX advice?

      How do you avoid getting mislead by retail traders who spend more time arguing about forex instead of actually trading it?

It could be very confusing taking advice from other traders, and as such, it’s no surprise that most people who trade FOREX set out to do everything entirely on their own. 

Traders are very competitive in nature and mostly trade using well-defined systems with the belief that their system will give them a real edge over other traders thereby bringing in more profits than losses.

Most traders instinctively believe that his/her system is better than VIRTUALLY EVERY OTHER trader on every other trading platform on EARTH, so why the hell should they listen to these other unsuccessful traders?

Now though, we have some other traders who are NOT CONFIDENT in their analysis and predictions and so they prefer to trade-in-silence, never running any of their predictions by anyone, simply out of fear of being wrong.

Anyway, no matter what your reason is for wanting to navigate the markets alone like you’re John Wick, it’s important to realize that nobody can, nor should, go through it alone.

All successful traders started at the bottom gradually moving up to achieve success.

A major key here is to realize how comfortable successful traders are when it comes to ASKING FOR HELP.

A quick and proven way to become successful in FOREX is by learning from other successful and profitable traders.You may need to become more humble and receptive to receiving help but you’ll be amazed at how much you can learn from others in this industry.

Learning from others is quite easy to do.

By simply joining online trading forums and communities to meet other traders, make friends with them, have valuable discussions about FOREX and exchange helpful ideas.

He Made $500 from that FOREX Scam!”

“FOREX is a scam!

“Don’t make the mistake of falling for that FOREX crap!”

“FOREX will keep you going round in circles, and then one day you’ll lose all your money”

Whenever I hear people say things like this, I can’t help but feel bad for them. Such statements clearly show that they’re not educated about FOREX and how the Foreign Exchange market works.

Honestly, if these people knew better they’d do better.

By the time you’ve finish reading this article you’ll understand why I said that.

Think with me for a minute. Do you remember the last time someone’s advice really profited you in a positive way? Before you took that person’s advice and applied it to your life, didn’t you study the person who was advising you?

Of Course you did!

We all know that when someone advises you on a particular area, you ought to ask yourself if you want this person’s kind of results in your life or not before you go ahead and act on that advice.

Simply put; if you want their kind of results in your own life, then you can take their advice. However, if you don’t want their kind of results, DO NOT take their advice, because if you say what people say, and consistently do what they do, you will eventually get what they have.

Now I would like you to think back on some of the people who may have told you things like “the entire FOREX Industry is a scam” and ask yourself these;

  • How educated is this person about FOREX trading?
  • Have they ever invested any money on FOREX education?
  • Have they ever sat down or had an in-depth chat with FOREX Experts just to learn more about the industry?
  • Do they invest at all?
  • Are they financially educated?
  • Do I want to model my life after this person when it comes to finances?

I’m sure you get my point.

Ask yourself those questions and then decide what you want.


Right about now, I’ll like to share a short story with you.

Some time ago, I went to visit a friend of mine who’s a professional trader. About 20 minutes after I got there, He told me; “If I make $2 USD more, then I’ll have earned $500 profit today. I’ve already earned $498 PROFITS this morning!”

When he said this, I was quite amazed because it wasn’t even 10 AM yet, and the craziest part was; I knew he woke up around 8 AM on that particular day.

So here’s one summary; He woke up at 8 AM, and by 10 AM, he had earned approximately $500 USD in profits.

Here’s an even shorter summary; He made $498 USD profits in 2 hours!

Now, that’s some good profit.

So the next set of questions would be;

  • Are you guaranteed to get those kinds of results all the time? Heck NO.
  • Did he have a good amount of capital invested such that he was able to earn that kind of profit in such little time? Of course!
  • Is my friend an expert at trading FOREX? Yes.

Had he also lost money while trading in the past? Absolutely.

…but you see, the thing most worthy of note here is this; Investing in FOREX trading is a very viable way to earn real profits!

I definitely can’t remember every single detail about my experience that day, but I clearly remember it was on that day I decided to become a heavy investor in FOREX. The only problem at the time though was that I didn’t know how to trade FOREX, and I really didn’t have a lot of free time on my hands, so learning it wasn’t going to be that easy, apparently.

All this happened to me a long time before I started working as an Online Marketer for a really amazing Investment Company named INCREX Limited. The MAJOR reason why I decided to write this article is because I’m well aware that it could benefit a lot of people who have heard of and know about the term “Foreign Exchange” but still don’t understand how they can profit from it.

Like I mentioned earlier, I never ever expected to work for an investment company but then life is just a joyride man. I mean, a few years ago, I was making the decision to invest heavily in FOREX and today I work at an investment company which trades FOREX!

Now I work face to face with, and around several experts who spend 9 or more hours trading FOREX every day! Truly, life’s beautiful. You can imagine how glad I am to have landed this job.

Now, during the time I’ve spent at INCREX Investment Limited, I’ve had the opportunity to learn more than a few things about FOREX.

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So far, we’ve established for a fact that the FOREX industry is very viable. We’ve also mentioned that investing in the FOREX markets can be a very good way to make moderate to high profits, but we’ve still not helped those people who don’t know how to trade. Don’t be worried however, because that’s what the other part of my story covers.

Now I’ll tell you 2 secrets that a great many people do not know about

1. I’ll start with the bad news; I still DO NOT know how to trade FOREX.. and maybe you’re thinking right now … “Mr Subair, that’s too bad on your path” I may or may not agree with you on that one, but hopefully I’ll work something out with my employer so that he enrolls me for the next FOREX training program. That way, you wouldn’t be able to laugh at Mr Subair anymore. LOL 

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Anyway, the only reason why I told you I still can’t trade FOREX is because I want you to know how much I can relate to everyone who is reading this article but still doesn’t know how to trade FOREX either.

Heck! The crazy truth is that some of you may never know how to trade FOREX on a professional level but I’m here to tell you this;

“IT DOESN’T MATTER!” , Truly… it doesn’t matter.

2. Let’s now talk about the 2nd secret which I’ve learnt from working at INCREX investment Limited. it’s good news. 

Here’s a jarring question; Did you know that almost all the money used to trade FOREX every day, as well as a large portion of the profits earned daily, is invested and earned by people WHO DO NOT KNOW A THING about Trading FOREX?!

That’s one thing that really gets me excited every day.

I always get this great feeling when I go to the office and see all these professional traders working so hard and doing their thing so that people like YOU and I (who don’t know a thing about FOREX trading) can still earn from FOREX!

One thing everyone knows about wealthy individuals is that they DO NOT like to make excuses.

When a wealthy person can’t do something themselves, they pay others to do it for them. They’ll go find people who are professionals in their area of interest, pay them for their time or brainpower, and then find a way to earn money off these people’s skills.

The lesson here is simply this; If you want to earn PROFITS through FOREX trading but do not know how to trade FOREX, the best way to earn it is by finding people who are quite skilled at trading FOREX and pay them to earn it for you.

It’s such a simple process really.



Step 1. You don’t know how to trade and so you find reputable solo traders OR an investment company who hires expert FOREX traders. 

Note: It’s usually much more advisable to invest with trading companies rather than solo traders as there’s more accountability when you invest with a registered company. It’s also much safer to trade with registered companies because the FOREX traders hired by reputable companies are usually experts who have real experience. (Simply put; invest with INCREX investment limited)

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Step 2. Now that you’ve found a reputable company, you then invest a certain amount and choose how long you want that investment to run for.

(Before your investment gets activated, an agreement containing details on how many percent ROI will be added to your invested capital is signed by both you and the company)

Step 3. When the time period you and INCREX investment Limited agreed on has elapsed, then it means your investment is ripe for withdrawal. At this point, you can either withdraw/reinvest your capital, profits or both.

It’s pretty convenient isn’t it?

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Call this my opinion if you wish, but I dare say INCREX investment Limited is a KING of the FOREX industry. We’ve been rocking the FOREX Industry for some time now: preserving our clients’ capital whilst maximizing their gains.

INCREX investment limited has a team of professional traders who make consistent financial returns from FOREX trading. We trade to earn profits on a weekly basis through a combination of conservative and aggressive trading strategies…  AND SO If you don’t know how to trade just yet, why not tap into this amazing opportunity?

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The playing field has been leveled. Now everyone can profit from FOREX.

Decide Today. Are you ready to start earning passively without having to do/ learn any trading or are you still afraid to take the leap?

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